In any criminal trial, the prosecution represents the state.
Prosecutors also decide which persons to charge with which crimes based on the available evidence. The prosecution and the defense are poised as opponents in the courtroom, but prosecutors have a substantial role in upholding defendants’ Sixth Amendment rights and working with the defense to ensure pretrial justice and early access to counsel.

What do I need to do to accomplish my role?

  • An understanding of and commitment to best practices for prosecutors
  • Reflection on your own actions that help or hinder delivery of Sixth Amendment rights
  • A willingness to learn from successful projects and model programs in other jurisdictions

How might I be hindering justice?

  • Not providing defendants with proper notice of the charges against them
  • Overcharging defendants to gain leverage in plea negotiations
  • Overcharging defendants to trigger certain procedural changes, e.g., transfer to a different court that provides an automatic right to counsel
  • Not disclosing evidence to the defense through discovery

Get Involved

No matter what your role is, you can be a part of the movement to Strengthen the Sixth and ensure fair trials and accurate verdicts for every community.

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