Cross-Stakeholder Collaboration

Any lasting change to improve the criminal legal system requires cooperating with other stakeholder groups to ensure that diverse perspectives and experience inform problem solving strategies. Despite what is commonly referred to as the adversarial nature of our criminal legal system, we are all vested stakeholders in improving systems, protecting the Constitution, and safeguarding the rights that are guaranteed to everyone in criminal prosecutions. Across the country, unlikely allies are finding success in working together to make systems more equitable and just. Whether you identify with public defenders, prosecutors, the client community, judges and court staff, law enforcement, policymakers, pretrial services, corrections, or the general public, you have a role to play and are a needed voice in shaping the criminal legal system.

Get Involved

No matter what your role is, you can be a part of the movement to Strengthen the Sixth and ensure fair trials and accurate verdicts for every community.

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